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Press pause, slow down and unwind with Lunar Leaves

Artisan tea, accompanied by journaling ideas, guided meditation, tarot and mood music.
Lunar Leaves is your personal retreat for self exploration, creativity and reflection.

A Thoughtful Blend

Lunar Leaves offers artisan tea, ethically sourced from around the world and hand blended in Singapore. Our six distinct flavours of caffeinated and artisan herbal teas have been crafted to energise and uplift, help spark creativity or soothe.

More ways to be mindful

Lunar Leaves was created as a modern self care practice that engages the senses: savour your favourite tea, listen to soothing music from our curated playlists or tune in with a guided meditation. Find unique new ways to appreciate previous time alone with yourself.

The Tea That Connects

Let Lunar Leaves connect you to a community of like-minded souls. Tea helps us bond in different ways; it can be shared over good conversation or provide comfort during tough times. Join us for mindfulness events, or just chat with us about what's going on in your life!


A Simple Way to Start the Day with Gratitude

Mindfulness, gratitude, meditation, being present… these are all terms that have been popular in the vernacular as of late but quite often we’re left wondering: what does this actually mean?


A Tea Gift Set Like No Other

Sublime gift ideas for tea lovers who are curious, creative and seeking calm – and yes, we’re all for self-gifting. Lunar Leaves also supports workplace wellbeing – reach out if remarkable gifts for your team are on your mind.

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