How to approach creativity? Meet Faiyaz

This is Faiyaz, the charming and sensible model you'll see embodying the energy of our Sunbeam blend. Faiyaz also curated the styling choices for all our six models, so we got curious to discover his personal approach to creativity.


Who are you?
Faiyaz: Meow.

How was producing the style-board for Lunar Leaves like for you?
Faiyaz: The Lunar Leaves teas have such a distinct essence, each of which I could imagine immediately – you can say that I was able to envision and then subsequently capture the aura of each product.

How did it feel like to be modelling for an outfit that you picked out, and being the model instead of the photographer?
Faiyaz: As a photographer, I can be quite a perfectionist and a control freak so usually shoots are a little stressful, but it was nice to let loose and enjoy the moment.

What inspires you?
Faiyaz: Films and music from around the world and being out in nature.

What is FixatedF?
Faiyaz: FixatedF is the title of my blog which I started in 2010. It was a platform for me to discover myself and my love for photography, writing and other creative inclinations.

What does FixatedF mean to you as a creative?
Faiyaz: It has served as a space for reflection over the years and has been with me through the ebbs and flows of my creative journey. It’s also been a canvas of sorts – allowing me to explore several mediums of expression. I hope that it remains a place where I can try new things.

What does being creative mean to you?
Faiyaz: Being creative means to be fearless in the way you approach life and unapologetic in the things you do. To me, it means pushing boundaries, trying new things and having the conviction to realise a vision in its entirety.

What is your go-to self-care routine?
Faiyaz: My night time skin care routine. It’s a daily ritual which allows me to centre myself and relax before heading to bed.

What is the best advice you have received on working creatively?
Faiyaz: “There’s a difference between being an artist and working as an artist.”

What is the best tip you have received in getting through life in general?
Faiyaz: “A kid never says walking is not for them when they fall down.”

How would you like to be remembered by all who cross their paths with you?
Faiyaz: A storyteller, an artist, a dreamer.


Find out more about Faiyaz and his work on FixatedF. Get a taste of delight with Sunbeam for your creative light-hearted days.

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