How to be creative? Meet Tazkiah.

Meet Tazkiah, the beautiful being you'll see bathing in the surreal mood of Daydream.

Being used to working creatively behind the scenes, we dove in with a few questions to find out more about Tazkiah, and the parts of her that contribute to her ethereal aura.


Who are you?
Tazkiah: I am a thinker. 
How was being beautiful and modeling for Lunar Leaves like for you?
Tazkiah: It was a fun, new experience! I'm always behind the camera, working behind the scenes, so this role reversal was rather surreal. 
What does it feel like to be able to share yourself in such a medium?
Tazkiah: Ambivalent. I'm a very private person, so I don't share much of myself in any medium, on any platform. But after seeing how the pictures turned out, I'm happy I did share a bit of myself. 

What inspires you?
Tazkiah: Beautiful things inspire me - fashion, literature, philosophy, music, nature 
What is the work you do as a communications/marketing associate about?
Tazkiah: I actualise ideas. I collect and process qualitative and quantitative data to generate informational content such as copy/text, graphs, decks, spreadsheets, everything you can imagine. I also manage a team of creatives who create the necessary aesthetic and visuals, such as graphics, videos, and so on. Through these processes, I create a comprehensive public image, execute advertising and marketing campaigns, and communicate with clients.

What does the work you do in this field mean to you from the standpoint of creativity?
Tazkiah: Thinking of elegant methods to effectively communicate dense information challenges my creativity everyday. 
What is your go-to self-care routine?
Tazkiah: Face mask + candles + chocolate + chick flick.
What is the best advice you have received on creative work?
Tazkah: Perfection doesn't exist, everything can be improved upon. 

What is the best tip you have received in getting through life in general?
Tazkiah: Life is these little moments, don't take them for granted by fixating on milestones.

How would you like to be remembered by all who cross their paths with you?
Tazkiah: Honest, kind, and in a cute outfit.


We would like to thank Tazkiah for her beautiful shares and tidbits of inspiration. To find out more about the mood Tazkiah bathes so naturally in, get a taste of Daydream.

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