How can you be in full embodiment of the Self? Meet Stephanie.

This is Stephanie, the ethereal fairy you'll see dancing for our tea blend, Ember Glow. Stephanie also planned the wonderful guided meditations in our tea sets. Here was what we got out of the little peek we took, into her heart, to understand how it works.


Who are you?
Stephanie: I am a curious student of life, always hungry for knowledge that I experience as a full-bodied ecstatic “YES!” as an acceptance of truth.

How was creating the guided meditation and modelling for Lunar Leaves like for you?
Stephanie: So wonderfully restful. I got to do two of my favourite things over that nourishing weekend, to drink tea (a lot of it) and steep in meditation, bringing what i experienced into expression through the guided meditation script. Modelling for Lunar Leaves was so fun, because I could let my inner fairy dance in the woods that is Pearl’s Hill City Park.

What does it feel like to be able to share bits of yourself and the work you do in such a medium?
Stephanie: Truthful. Authentic. Wonderful! Sacred. The concept of a tea-drinking experience supported with affirmations, meditation, journal prompts, tarot spread and a playlist is heaven for someone who really needs a pocket of time to disconnect from the outer world and deeply connect with their inner one.

What inspires you?
Stephanie: Beauty, love, pleasure, and kindness.

What is Soma Psyche Alchemy about?
Stephanie: It is a means to journey home to ourselves, fully accepting, fully in love with all of our parts, including the messier and not-so-pretty-nor-put-together parts. Soma means the living body, this body that desires a full and whole life, psyche refers to our unconscious, and also the collective unconscious, and alchemy means transformation. Soma Psyche Alchemy is the vessel in which we can transform our shadows into our gifts so that we can become more integrated, and come into a fuller expression of what it means to be human with a wise, wise body.

What does the work you do mean to you as a Somatic Therapist and Embodied Dance Movement Facilitator?
Stephanie: I alchemize my learnings through reading, trainings and school material into embodied experiences through the breath, dance and movement. By creating and deepening our relationship with our bodies through somatic practices, that is, experiencing ourselves from the inside, we contact the infinite wellsprings of rich wisdom hat our body holds and from there, move through the world and life as an active, engaged participant.

What is your go-to self-care routine?
Stephanie: Meditation!!! Also, nature, reading, journaling, creating art.

What is the best advice you have received on holding and creating space?Stephanie: Get out of your own way. You are the channel, the vessel of the experience. Your fear or ego can step aside right now, to let the most truthful message come through into the class.
What is the best tip you have received in getting through life in general?Stephanie: Listen to your truth. Not anyone else’s, not even societal norms, but your deepest truth. 
How would you like to be remembered by all who cross their paths with you?

Stephanie: A guide who creates a safe space to explore the deeper parts of myself through play, humor, and authenticity.


Find out more about Stephanie and her amazing offerings on Soma Psyche Alchemy. Get a taste of delight with Ember Glow for a burst of excitement.

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