How to get inspired? Meet Rachel.

Within all our tea sets you’ll find a list of carefully planned out journaling prompts for self-reflection. These prompts were carefully planned out by Rachel Yang, art psychotherapist and co-founder of Daylight Creative Therapies.

We checked in with a couple of questions to find out a little more about Rachel and the amazing things she does.


Who are you?

Rachel: Rachel Yang, art psychotherapist, co-founder of Daylight Creative Therapies


How was creating the journaling prompts for Lunar Leaves like for you?

Rachel: It was a Thought-provoking and reflective experience that encouraged me to consider gentle and meaningful insights.


What does it feel like to be able to share the work you do in such a medium?

Rachel: It's an exciting experience to be able to reach out and encourage more people to take time out and reflect on themselves while also learning to savour peaceful moments in our complex and often chaotic world.     


What inspires you?

Rachel: Lots! People, places, design, art, music, food, interiors, nature, animals, patterns, experiences, it's a pretty long list!


What is Daylight Creative Therapies about?

Rachel: We are a team of art psychotherapists who are dedicated to providing client-centered therapeutic services and creative psychological interventions. Through the use of art media and the creative process, we endeavor to support our clients by fostering self-awareness and empowerment to enhance the quality of their lives.


What does Daylight Creative Therapies mean to you as an art therapist?

Rachel: Daylight Creative Therapies strives to develop our company ethically and with integrity through continued learning and by working closely with other allied health professionals to promote mental wellness and advancement in our field. It is a space for our clients to traverse their inner world safely with the support of a credentialed art therapist.


What does art mean to you?

Rachel: Art is explorative and immersive. Creating art is in itself therapeutic, it encourages a sense of flow, of allowing for the unexpected to emerge and also encourages curiosity and wonder.


What is your go-to self-care routine?

Rachel: Going for long walks, reading, painting, spending time with loved ones, indulging in quiet time alone.


What is the best advice you have received on holding and creating space?

Rachel: Listen. Listen to what's being said and what's not being said. Listen to the body.


What is the best tip you have received in getting through life in general?

Rachel: Breathe. Slow down.


How would you like to be remembered by all who cross their paths with you?

Rachel: As someone who tried, helped and had a good sense of humour.


Find out more about Rachel and his work at Daylight Creative Therapies. Get a taste of delight with Midday Muse to help your inner creative light shine-be inspired and inspire.

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