How to Make the Best Tea Choice According To How Many Hours You Sleep

As a community of tea drinkers, we have always wondered how to make the best choice of tea according to how many hours we sleep. And as it turns out… there are so many benefits, they're all pretty much good for you.

But certain types of teas are better suited to certain lifestyles, and not just because of their health benefits. Some people need more caffeine than others — so if you're an early riser who needs to get going in the morning, then it might be worth your time to try a caffeinated tea (like our First Bloom!). 

So how do you choose the type of tea that is right for you? By knowing how many hours of sleep per night you get each night! Here are our three simple guidelines:

If you sleep less than four hours a night,

try chamomile or peppermint tea. Both have calming properties which will help ease your mind and body into a deep slumber. Much like Midnight Drift, the uncaffeinated tisane, it has the perfect combination to get your shoulders down and away from your ears.

Right with the floral aroma, Midnight Drift is our best-selling evening tea.

If you sleep between four and seven hours a night,

try green or white teas. These teas often have plenty of antioxidants which will help improve your overall health while also boosting your immune system which makes it easier to fall asleep at night AND stay asleep throughout the night. It’s so easy for us to fall asleep at night on days we brew a pot of Sun Beam in the afternoon during our afternoon meetings!

If you sleep more than seven hours a night

but still want something relaxing before bedtime, try herbal blends such as sleepytime tea (which contains valerian root) or lavender-chamomile blend — which has both calming properties as well as aromatherapeutic benefits!

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