How to understand tarot and magic? Meet Pearlyn.

This is Pearlyn, the little painter you see embodying the mood of our Midday Muse blend. We got Pearlyn to spill the tea on how she works her magic in the designs of the tarot spreads in our tea sets. 

Who are you?
Pearlyn: I am a soul navigating the different ways life is asking to be fully experienced–daughter, sister, friend, tarot reader, yoga practitioner.

How was designing the tarot spreads and modelling for Lunar Leaves like for you?
Pearlyn: I really enjoyed the process of designing the spreads. Every single one of the spreads were designed with intuit and a very clear intent. My wish is for everyone to get clarity and guidance through their experience of the teas and the spreads that come through their personal readings. The modelling portion was a little awkward for me but I had the time to pretend I was living one of my dream life, of being an artist.

What does it feel like to be able to share bits of yourself and the work you do in such a medium?
Pearlyn: Reading the tarot for people feels extremely natural to me at this point in time but having to think of how the spreads will be used by others is extremely humbling. I truly wish for everyone who tries any of the six spreads to receive the best of outcomes with them.

What inspires you?
Pearlyn: Passion and sincerity.

What is Tarot Therapy about?
Pearlyn: Tarot Therapy is a platform that offers guidance and clarity through the use of the tarot. The tarot can sometimes allow us to understand bits of our psyche which we might have difficulty putting into words. Think of it as a means of getting to know yourself better.

What does the work you do mean to you as a Tarot Reader and Yoga Teacher?
Pearlyn: I look at all the readings I offer as a means for me to get a deeper understanding on how life can be experienced, through the eyes of another. Practising yoga and reading the tarot allows me to be introspective. It takes the constant practice of self-awareness and mindfulness to check in on how I feel in my body and how I am able to discern where my thoughts and feelings are coming from. This becomes extremely important especially when I am reading the tarot for another or even teaching yoga to my students.

What is your go-to self-care routine?
Pearlyn: Breathwork, craft, and playing around with yoga asanas.

What is the best advice you have received in experiencing life’s magic?
Pearlyn: Your bandwidth for growth is only as much as you think you are deserving of, so how far do you wish to go?


What is the best tip you have received in getting through life in general?
Pearlyn: Everyone is on their own journey. Understanding how others might be further ahead or behind is very different from gracing them the space for exploring their personal journey and growth.

How would you like to be remembered by all who cross their paths with you?
As another soul, living out one possible reality of the infinite lives available in the truth of our Universe.


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