Simple Syrups for Teas Recipe: Vanilla Ginger Sucré

This Asian pantry superstar is going to do the heavy lifting, in this simple crowd pleasing Vanilla-Ginger Sucré.

Every kitchen in Singapore probably has at least a thumb of ginger lying around, so all it takes is for you to go out and buy some Vanillin powder from your local market or baking shop. If you’re still left empty handed by check out, you might want to look again at the baking aisle for some Vanilla extract or Vanilla bean paste (although I think it’s harder to find this in a typical baking aisle of a market). Double the measurements in the recipe with your Vanilla extract and you got yourself the warm syrupy smell you will want to add to every Ember Glow cup you brew now.

Equipments you will need

Knife, chopping board, muddler or pestle and mortar, measuring cup, measuring spoon, whisk, 250ml squeeze bottle.

Prep time

5 minutes


1 250ml squeeze bottle

Shelf life
4 weeks

Ingredients you will need

50g Ginger
250ml Hot water
250g Sugar
1 teaspoon Vanillin powder

  1. Peel the skin off the ginger. Slice thinly, then muddle the ginger.
  2. Add hot water, then sugar. Mix well until all granules are dissolved.
  3. Add the vanillin powder. Mix well.
  4. Let cool before straining into a plastic squeeze bottle.
  5. Add to Ember Glow or regular black tea to taste. We recommend about 2 teaspoons.

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Photo: NoonBrew 

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