What is Artisan about Artisanal Tea?

Artisan this, artisan that — it’s almost a commonplace to find your local barista telling you that they solely brew “artisanal teas and coffee”. You know it’s going to cost you a few extra dollars, but do you know the value of where that came from?

The “artisanal” comes from the craft, artistry and knowledge of everyone involved in the pipeline of artisanal tea production.

It’s the integrated manual expertise that spans from the entire cycle of cultivation, to the farmers who are carefully hand-picking the leaves and young buds from the bushes, up to the tea sommelier carefulling experimenting the precise ratio of ingredients for the perfect night-time blend. Sometimes, mechanical devices are used to support the processing methods, but they are always supervised and controlled by tea specialists.

Extensive hands-on contact with the tea leaves is more than just a labour intensive processing method.

This holistic process considers an expert understanding of overall conditions of each harvest – the start dates of growing season, the weather conditions at harvest time, the best processing modes for the leaves – on top of existing centuries-old traditions. The artistry of the tea sommeliers are demonstrated through their ability to adapt and design through each occasion, and that is also why no two Day Dream teas will be exactly the same.

Leaf selection for artisanal teas matter a lot too.

Newly-emerged buds and tea leaves are naturally richer in nutrients, higher in aromatic oils and also produce more complex flavours than older, mature leaves and stalks. The careful handling from the tea picking allows these buds and full leaves to be shaped and rolled by hand into specific shapes. Keeping these full leaves carefully rolled up means you can get more out of your Ember Glow by steeping them multiple times!

Our Lunar Leaves teas are ethically sourced from around the world, and hand blended in Singapore by our tea sommelier. Each flavour of our artisanal tea is carefully blended with up to three simple ingredients – do you know what’s in your cup?

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