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Lunar Leaves is a sister brand to The Moon, one of the most unique independent bookstores in Singapore, renowned for bringing tarot, mindfulness, guided meditation and creative events to like-minded souls since 2018.

A reminiscence of what brings us together

Hi, I am Sarah – the friendly chai tea lover behind Lunar Leaves, serial entrepreneur, and a few things more.

What began as a simple desire to recreate the magic of being at The Moon for customers soon turned into a journey of self-discovery. After the lockdown in Singapore happened, I decided to pursue my lifelong passion for tea and create a product that would help customers connect and foster conversation.

Tea has always been something that I've been passionate about. Growing up in Pakistan, tea has always played a central role in our communities and connections. Through all the stages of life, whether joyous or mournful, tea has remained the one constant.

The process of selecting, brewing, and drinking tea is something that I find incredibly soothing; it allows me to stay grounded and connected to my roots. With Lunar Leaves, I wanted to create a product that would help people relax and connect. I believe that tea is a universal language that can help people bridge cultural divides.

Mindfulness, tea, and you

What is the secret to living a fulfilled life? At Lunar Leaves, we believe that one cannot pour from an empty cup – and with this in mind, our team has crafted experiences designed just  for you.

The process of brewing, drinking, and connecting over tea is an age-old one. But we've paired this with a range of modern mindfulness experiences to include journaling prompts, affirmations, guided meditations, and tarot spreads, so you can slow down while also filling your cup.

Replenish your cup – revive, rejuvenate, rejoice

It's easy to forget about ourselves when juggling the multiple roles and responsibilities of our lives. This can often leave us feeling overwhelmed, drained, or just not fully present in everything that is happening around us. It's crucial for each one among us – men, women and children alike – to take back time for ourselves every now and then.

Our tea experience is designed to take you on a journey of self-exploration. With tarot cards, journaling prompts and more, they create the perfect 'take-home retreat' for you to spend relaxing time with friends, family members or just by yourself.

Join us on this journey with love and care as we offer you the chance to discover yourself, one cup at a time.

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