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About Us

Our Philosophy

In this world full of distractions, we're constantly juggling the multiple roles and responsibilities of our lives. It's often that we end up leaving time for ourselves till the very end, when in fact we should be putting ourselves first. The joys of self care, relaxation, personal time, and self exploration, are ones that can be easily accessed using this neat and tidy deck.
We've created this take home experience for you with love and care, and Lunar Leaves will be a constant companion in your journey of self discovery.

Our Story

Lunar Leaves is a sister brand to Singapore based independent bookstore and cafe, The Moon, which has been bringing mindfulness, tarot and meditation focused events to patrons since 2018.

Conceived during the lockdown in 2020, we've spent the last year developing Lunar Leaves as an at home based experience, reminiscent of time spent at The Moon

The process of creation has included collaborations with an art therapist, a somatic movement specialist, a tea sommelier, a poet, a DJ, and several tarot card readers.

At Lunar Leaves, we believe that one cannot pour from an empty cup. Inspired by the mindfulness of brewing and drinking tea, and the self-exploration that comes with tarot, we've crafted an experience that is designed to equip you with the tools you need to create space, and sanctuary, within yourself.

The process of brewing, drinking and connecting over tea is an age-old one, and we've paired this with a range of mindful experiences that blend the modern with the ancient to include journalling prompts, affirmations, meditation and tarot. We encourage each of you to slow down, rest and deep dive into understanding yourself better. It's time to fill your cup.


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