Day Dream Meditation

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I hope you will all experience deep presence and restoration through the sensual pleasures of the five senses. Each meditation teases and heightens your senses, guiding you to a sweet, liminal state of connection to your deeper Self.

Stephanie Chaunte Leong @SOMAPSYCHEALCHEMY


Day Dream Meditation

A healthy mind enjoys a balanced dose of mindfulness and daydreams.

Hold the cup in your hands and take a long, steady inhale. Let the sweet blend of aromas play with your senses. Let yourself drift into daydream through this guided visualization.

See a door before you. Approach the door, and place your hand on the knob. What is the material, temperature, and colour of the knob?

Turn the knob, and open the door. You see a beautiful landscape. Where are you? Step across this threshold into the landscape.

What surrounds you? What is the colour of the sky, shapes of clouds?

Someone approaches you. It’s you – an older, wiser you. They take your hand and asks you to walk together. You approach a threshold, and take a seat. You soak in the beautiful horizon.

Your older, wiser self looks to you and tells you of the difference you have made from now to then, in your life, your friends, family, and community. You impact them differently, in both small and large ways. You do so by being unapologetically yourself.

As you take another sip, feel into this essence that is the core of you. Who are you? Who are you here to be?

You do not need to have words, just feel into the sensations of this essence of your truth.

Take a deep breath in. Exhale slowly. Thank your older, wiser self, as you return to the door. As you open the door and step back across the threshold, you re-enter this dimension and reality. Welcome back.

Allow the essence of your authentic core to steep within your body. Breathe deeply into it. into you.

Enjoy the rest of your tea as you ease back into the present time, keeping the potency of the authentic you vibrantly alive and radiating through every cell of your being.

Day Dream Mix

Curated for your enjoyment during or after your guided meditation

Join me on a journey through time and space as we travel together in a reverie of digital & analog sounds. Each mix creates an explorative soundscape for other versions of yourself.

Ryan Cheng @ ryantheweatherman

Stephanie Chaunte Leong

M.A. Depth Psychology and Somatic Studies. 500h-RYT Somatic Yoga and Meditation Guide. Embodied Dance-Movement Facilitator.

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Ryan, The Weatherman

Weaving euphoric & playful programming, Singaporean DJ & Selector for digital & analog sounds.

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