Ember Glow Meditation

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I hope you will all experience deep presence and restoration through the sensual pleasures of the five senses. Each meditation teases and heightens your senses, guiding you to a sweet, liminal state of connection to your deeper Self.

Stephanie Chaunte Leong @SOMAPSYCHEALCHEMY


Ember Glow Meditation

Take a deep breath in, and make a sound as you exhale. Repeat twice more, expressing yourself fully with any sound. A sigh, a yawn, a growl, or a delightful whistle.

Hold the cup to your nose and close your eyes. Take five slow, deep breaths, drinking the aroma of spices with your breath.

Visualize your best day unfolding before you. Today, everything that could go right, will go right. Envision the day unfolding vividly, paying attention to the little details. Get specific here: picture the people you meet, tasks you accomplish, places you go, food and drinks you consume, and feelings you experience. Most importantly, see yourself celebrating every win, small and big. Now with clear intention, direct this potent vision of your best day into your cup.

As you enjoy each sip, let this powerful vision fill your whole body. It’s your day. Seize it by the collar, and live it out loud.

Ember Glow Mix

Curated for your enjoyment during or after your guided meditation

Join me on a journey through time and space as we travel together in a reverie of digital & analog sounds. Each mix creates an explorative soundscape for other versions of yourself.

Ryan Cheng @ ryantheweatherman

Stephanie Chaunte Leong

M.A. Depth Psychology and Somatic Studies. 500h-RYT Somatic Yoga and Meditation Guide. Embodied Dance-Movement Facilitator.

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Ryan, The Weatherman

Weaving euphoric & playful programming, Singaporean DJ & Selector for digital & analog sounds.

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