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First Bloom

Indulge in conscientious dallying, in bed, on the couch, or wherever your soul best finds rest.

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Ember Glow

Your soulโ€™s multi-vitamin. Recommended once weekly, best taken with food, only for your mornings.

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A lovely warm hug for your mind-heart-soul. Perfect for all times sad, and low, great for all times good.

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Midday Muse

Light that creative spark, you are both the artist and the muse. Paint the world in all the shades of you.

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Reveries of your mind, they donโ€™t run linear with time. Lay still in motion and liberation, let your mindโ€™s projector shine.

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Midnight Drift

Let the soft gentle slumber of night bathe you in serenity. Allow all things to run slow.

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