Music Mixes

First Bloom

Made for those lazy mornings when you’re taking time off for yourself; remember to slow down and re-discover what it means to be balanced.

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Ember Glow

Allow the bold and assertive forces channeled in Ember Glow to power you through your day—go forth and bring all things in motion.

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Sun Beam

Bring nature’s fuel into the best of your days. Sunbeam brings along an invitation to spend time in the glowing path of the golden sun.

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Midday Muse

Perfect for your dreamy inspiring afternoons, pursuing all creative endeavours.

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Day Dream

Made for the nights where your thoughts seem to keep running. Day Dream gives you permission to extend your days gently into the night.

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Midnight Drift

Rest, relax, and allow the calm to wash all over you. Midnight Drift is here to soothe your soul.

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