Sun Beam Meditation

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I hope you will all experience deep presence and restoration through the sensual pleasures of the five senses. Each meditation teases and heightens your senses, guiding you to a sweet, liminal state of connection to your deeper Self.

Stephanie Chaunte Leong @SOMAPSYCHEALCHEMY


Sun Beam Meditation

Hold the cup of tea with both hands. Close your eyes. Take a slow, steady, deep breath in through your nose, and exhale completely. Enjoy two more cleansing breaths like this.

Lift the cup to just under your nose. Inhale for four counts through your nose, exhale for four counts through your mouth. Savour the aroma of the tea through your inhales, and release any pending distractions on exhale. Notice the textures and flavours of the aroma as it fills your nostrils. Bring awareness to the sensations you feel in your body. Take about 10 more breaths like this.

Bring yourself back to a time where you were felt joy and lightheartedness in the body. Look around you. Where are you? A park, garden, a meadow, the ocean or at home? Who are you sharing this moment with? What is it about this moment that brings you a palpable experience of bliss? Breathe it in fully. Let this felt sensation of bliss fill up your whole body, touch every cell and atom of your being. Rest back at ease as you lay down on your back and gaze up in wonderment at the sky above. Feel the rays of sunshine kissing your body, as your skin is tickled by the light, cool breeze. For now, all is well. All is good. All is peaceful.

Take the next moment to presence yourself back to your surroundings, taking with you this felt sense of bliss. Take another sip. After you swallow, draw a deep breath in, and out completely. Bring a gentle smile to your face as you open your eyes. The rest of your day awaits you!

Sun Beam Mix

Curated for your enjoyment during or after your guided meditation

Join me on a journey through time and space as we travel together in a reverie of digital & analog sounds. Each mix creates an explorative soundscape for other versions of yourself.

Ryan Cheng @ ryantheweatherman

Stephanie Chaunte Leong

M.A. Depth Psychology and Somatic Studies. 500h-RYT Somatic Yoga and Meditation Guide. Embodied Dance-Movement Facilitator.

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Ryan, The Weatherman

Weaving euphoric & playful programming, Singaporean DJ & Selector for digital & analog sounds.

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